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Our studio

Here you can find more information and pictures of our play space

Waltasali is a versatile and compact BDSM play space designed for erotic and sensual warmth and elegance. An important theme when designing the studio was its emotional temperature. Red sateen curtains, golden details, vintage furniture and fresh flowers create a gentle, yet exciting atmosphere in our space. The floor is intentionally left unfurnished and spacious so that you can easily have a session even without having to install any equipment.

The BDSM furniture that is available to our guests:
Adjustable bench with fasteners
Wooden St. Andrew's Cross with fasteners
Leather swing with attachment options
Steel cage with two food cups
Ceiling carbine for rope games
Medical examination table with footrests and bedpan: the back of the table and the footrests are adjustable.
Equipment cabinet: electro play, strap-on belts, anal plugs, dildos, nipple stimulators, CBT strings
A comprehensive range of disciplinary tools: one long whip, several floggers, ping-pong bats, whips.

The high quality, ethical origin and hygiene of the tools is essential for us. We regularly maintain and treat our leather and rubber clothing, ropes and other equipment. Medical tools are sterilised in boiling water before and after use. Nitrile gloves and protective rubber is always available for strap-on and anal play.

We work happily and seamlessly to provide a high-quality studio space for ourselves as well as for our private clients. Our requirements for the space are high both in terms of the equipment and furniture itself as well as regarding basic needs.

The studio has an inbuilt high quality sound system which includes two ceiling speakers and a subwoofer. You can connect it to your own device. The adjustable lighting ensures the proper dimness or brightness that suits your preferred atmosphere. For latex and rainsuit sessions an adjustable tower fan increases your comfort. 

The well-equipped kitchen area of our studio includes a refrigerator, microwave, kettle and SodaStream carbonation device that may be freely used by visitors. We always make sure that lactose-free, gluten-free and mostly vegan snacks are available for our guests. Our high-quality and newly renovated shower facilities are equipped with ecological shampoo, clean towels as well as essential first aid supplies. Clean disposable needles for sessions are also available.

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